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Go Solar by WowCity is a new social global movement that will connect people around the world to collaborate, share and become advocates for the widespread use of SOLAR ENERGY and create a LOCAL and GLOBAL IMPACT.


The Solar Team YOU can TRUST

     Great day! I am Euliver Dizon, an Independent Solar Consultant living in the beautiful city of Fontana, CA in the dynamic Inland Empire region of sunny Southern California. The Inland Empire is the best market for residential solar energy because we have lots of sunshine and we love to do our part to save the planet. But there can be lots of confusion in the process!

     That is why, our team of local Independent Solar Consultants are here to serve by providing honest answers to your questions with regards to getting solar energy for your home. And that can save you lots of money!

     Make us your local solar energy resource people. We can help by providing a free solar cost estimate and solar panel design. Then, we can also assist with solar financing options and finally connect you with the best reputable solar companies serving locally.

       Our goal is to get your home the solar energy system with best price, the best value for your money, and the best after sales customer service available so you can help us spread the good word about solar energy!

    Give me a call at (909) 681-4279 or send me an email at gosolar@wowcity.com for your comments and questions. I always welcome collaboration and am willing to work together to make more people go solar!


Why Go Solar?

  • Save money on your electric bill, you pay less every month.
  • Control your monthly cost and avoid unpredictable rise of electricity rates.
  • Increase your home value and sell home faster. 
  • Help the environment now for the future generation.


Why You Should ACT to Go Solar Now? (SCE Customers)

     This is an urgent call for homeowners considering to go solar to start acting on the idea now if you are in the SCE (Southern California Edison) service territory. The Inland Empire area with its top three (3) most populated cities - Riverside, San Bernardino and Fontana will be converting to Net Metering 2.0 which can happen sooner than expected.

     When Edison reaches the cap of 5% of its customers using alternative energy generated by solar or wind even from the power sourced from their own private solar and wind farms then Net Metering 2.0 will take effect. Net Metering 2.0 can take place as early as the end of the year December 31st to early next year in February 2017 beating the original expert prediction of around July 2017.

     This means in order to save money and avoid the new fees homeowners need to act now and get their solar energy system installed before the 5% customer cap is reached. Net metering 2.0 will not make it free to connect to the utility grid because there will be a one-time and monthly fee to go solar. What this really means is an additional cost of hundreds of dollars of new fees annually for solar customers failing to meet the deadline.

     For solar customers that beat the deadline and get their solar panels installed before the 5% cap will enjoy Net Metering 1.0 Grandfathered benefits. This means totally free connection to the utility grid with no one-time and monthly fees for twenty (20) years, which really amounts to hundreds to even thousands of dollars in money savings. Why wait? Call Euliver at (909) 681-4279 today!
(10/13/2016 by Euliver)

How to Own Your Solar Energy System?

  • Pay cash to own solar upfront!
  • Get a loan to finance your purchase 
  • Apply for PACE Financing programs

Benefits of Owning your Solar Energy System - when you own the solar system you can get the 30% Federal Tax Credit and other incentives like utility incentives, state and local rebate incentives when available in your area.


OWN Your Solar Energy System with a Sungage Financing

Did you know that you can finance your solar energy system? Yes you can generate your own electricity and save thousands of dollars over the life of your solar energy system because you can get great affordable solar financing.

The Go Solar WowCity Team is a partner of Sungage Financial and we can help qualify YOU for solar financing that will save you money. Look at your Solar Energy System as an investment for your home!

Having your own solar system that works to save you money and generate electricity is the best home improvement you can have in your home. Houses with a solar energy system also sells faster and the solar system increases your home value to $3 dollars per kW of energy production. Plus, with the added tax benefits of a 30% Federal Tax Credit you can start saving money instantly by paying less than what you are paying your current electric bill.

Here is a table of loan terms and interest rates:

   Years - APR (Subject to change, please verify)

  • 20  - 7.24%
  • 15  - 6.49%
  • 10 - 5.49%
  •   5 - 4.49%

It is easy to qualify for a Sungage solar financing! The general requirements are a FICO credit score of 640 or better, a Debt-to-Income ratio below 50%, and no bankruptcy filing. Feel free to get in touch by calling (909) 681-4279 should you have any solar questions.


What is Solar Lease and PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)?

  • Solar Lease - You pay a monthly rent or lease to the provider.
  • Solar PPA - You buy the electricity produced at a set price per kWh.
  • You DO NOT OWN the Solar Energy System in a Lease or PPA.


Want to know how much YOU can save with solar?

Get an Anonymous Free Solar Analysis Quote and Proposal. Simply e-mail to us the following at GoSolar @ wowcity.com:

  1. Complete Home Address
  2. Monthly usage in ($) dollars or in usage (kwH) by month OR a 12-month average.
  3. E-mail address

In this way you will be able to compare what you are paying now and what you can expect to pay when you go solar based on the estimated price of your solar energy system.


D-I-Y Online Solar Calculator and Solar Resources Websites

  • Google Project Sunroof - https://www.google.com/get/sunroof
  • Energy Sage - https://www.energysage.com/solar/calculator/
  • NREL.gov - http://pvwatts.nrel.gov/pvwatts.php


>> Got questions? Call Euliver at (909) 681-4279. Get a proposal - click Online Form


Refer a Friend to Go Solar Movement (Local or International)

     Please follow the guidelines about your referral prospect:

  1.     A home owner living in the state of California, USA.
  2.     Have an electric bill that costs $150 or more on average.
  3.     THEY agreed to be referred by YOU. Incentive available.*

>> click for Go Solar Referral Form

* Cash referral incentive USA referrals start $150 up to $750 USD.


The Kabayan Solar Referral Program is a WowCity project that lets Filipinos in the Philippines refer their family and friends living in California and convince them to switch to solar energy. This is a cause-oriented solar energy referral program with incentive sharing and charitable contribution.


Call us at 909.681.4279 for a Free Solar Saving Estimate.


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